Spotting a great logo design entails looking at its timelessness, relevance, simplicity, versatility, and how memorable it is. Spotting a terrible logo design is equally as easy. All you have to do is look at the following elements.

It is Crowded : there are different kinds of logo designs depending on the content of the logo. Watch out if the logo has too much unnecessary information whether images of text. Adding details to the design should be done with simplicity.

There Are Photos : using photos is a ‘no’ for logo design. Photographic images are not scalable because of the pixels. When you try to make it bigger, it will become pixilated and consequently become blurred. The logo design will then appear messy.

It Needs Effects To Be Attractive: a good logo design does not need to be enhanced by effects. It stands out in its simplest black and white form. Effects only have to enhance the beauty of a logo design and not to try and bring out a non-existent beauty.

Terrible Colors : the choice of color is very important because it will stir up a certain emotion towards the company. Also, the color needs to be relevant to the product and services. Using a poor combination of colors or choosing an inappropriate color will communicate something very different.

A Terrblie Typeface : you cannot use a whimsical or a cartoonish font when designing logos for institutions or a business like a law firm. It will not give confidence in the services offered.

Lack of Imagination : simplicity is excellent. Even so, never take it to mean lack of creativity, imagination, and innovation. The logo design needs to have character and personality. When your logo is boring, no one will remember it.

Poor Typography : when the texts in a logo are not properly kerned, the logo design will appear sloppy. Kerning will make the text appear neater and even. This enhances the beauty of the logo design company. To know an inexperienced designer, just take a look at the typography.

The logo design looks like that of a famous company: there are so many logo designs in the world that can be a source of a designer’s inspiration. Even so, the logo design should look nothing like the source of inspiration.

There is the use of clip art: no professional logo designer uses clip arts in designing a logo. Anything that has clip arts is not a logo. It is simply a picture with a name on it.

If a logo design has any of the following, do not use it or accept it from any designer. Your business needs a perfect logo design.

The single shape within the new logo is usable for illustrative purposes as well as for UX/UI elements.When it comes to developing a brand, logo design is king. The power of a logo to elicit an emotional response can have a resounding effect on the way customers and potential customers view a particular product, service or company.